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Pooch's Partners Animal Rescue, under certian circumstances, will help pet owners who find their life situation has changed to rehome their pets.  If we do not have space availabe at our sancuary, we will consider entering into a surrender/foster arrangement.  This is where the current owner surrenders all ownership interest in the pet and agrees to foster until the pet can be placed into a new loving happy home.  During the foster period, the foster agrees to provide adequate shelter, provide food and water, maintain the health of the pet, administer preventatives, and keep all vaccinations up to date. To improve the chance of Pooch's Partners Animal Rescue will approve this arrangement consider the following:

  • Have our pet

    • spay/neutered

    • microchipped

    • up to date on standard vaccinations

Vet records and current shot records must be provided.  We will request to meet the pet inorder to evaluate the pets behavior/demeanor and health. 

Pooch's Partners Animal Rescue uses venues such as contacts, PetFinder, website, social media and adoption events to place our pets. Potential adopters must provide a completed application with vet reference, agree to home visit, and must have a fenced yard.

If you are interested in this arragement with Pooch's Partners Animal Rescue, please contact us to discuss. Once we have approved the arrangement, a completed surrender form/foster agreement must be submitted. The form/agreement can be found below.

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