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Donate to the rescue 

We strive to rehabilitate and home homeless, abused, and neglected animals.  Rehabilitate these animals to adoptable companion pets by providing needed medical care, vaccinations, flea/tick and heartworm preventatives, microchip, spay/neuter, and socialize.  Efforts to home are made through contacts, our website, social media, adoption events, and online pet promoting venues such as PetFinder.  All efforts take various resouces that we cannot provide on our own.  We receive resouces to accomplish our mission from adoption fees and various types of donations.  Each type of donation, no matter how big or small, is instrumental to our operation and greatly appreciated.  We recognize each individual has their own ability and resouces to contribute and we have many opportunities to match any individual.  Donation opportunities come in the form of time, items, and money. 


The donation of time information can be found on our volunteer page.


A list of supply items needed include:        

  • Liquid bleach

  • Laundry soap

  • Bleach wipes

  • Cleaning products and supplies

  • Blankets/sheets/towels -we would love your no longer needed items!

  • Paper Towels

  • Dog food

  • Food and water dishes

  • Dog treats

  • Leashes and collars

  • Toys

  • Any dog houses or fencing you no longer need

  • Baby shampoo

  • Original Dawn dish soap

  • 38 Gallon and tall kitchen bags

  • Plastic grocery bags

  • Folding tables and chairs

  • Rubber Gloves

  • Potty Pads

  • Crates/Kennels (inside and out)

  • Grooming brushes

  • Fans

  • Outdoor kennel bedding, such as cedar chip

Finally shelter, food and water, medical care, vaccinations, microchips, spay/neuter, and flea/tick and heartworm preventatives is very costly.  Though we charge an adoption fee, it does not cover the cost associated with housing, feeding, and vetting each animal.  We keep our adoption fees low in order to help increase the likelihood of adoption of our companion pets starving for a lovable happy home, therefore we must offset the remaining costs through fundraising and monitary donations. Please keep in mind that even small monitary donations make a big difference for the life of our rescue animals,  Donations can be made via credit/debit/paypal by clicking on the "Donate" link found at the bottom of each.  You can also send donations by mail to Pooch's Partners Animal Rescue PO Box 48516, Lexington, SC 29073.

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